The Liberal Catholic Church

exists to forward Christ’s work in the world

Bishop WedgwoodIts outlook is liberal in that acceptance of its teaching and doctrine is not obligatory. It leaves to its members freedom in the interpretation of creeds, scriptures and traditions, and of its liturgy and doctrine.

It is Catholic in the sense of being all embracing, and also because it allies itself with the historic Church as the source of its Holy Orders and of its sacramental tradition. It regards the scriptures, creeds and traditions of the Church as the means by which the teachings of Christ have been handed down to us, but does not regard them as literally infallible. It deduces from them certain principles of understanding and conduct which it regards as important, but not necessarily exhaustive as a basis of further understanding.

Our Church seeks to combine Catholic forms of worship, their deep mysticism and witness to the reality of sacramental grace, with the widest measure of intellectual liberty, and respect for the individual conscience.

This website provides information about the Province of Australasia of our Church, its Parishes and activities, aspects of its history, teachings and principles. You are most welcome to join us in the services of any of our Parishes in Australia and in Indonesia.

(Image: Bp. J. I. Wedgwood)